I have just paused a South African rugby match I’m watching to post something astonishing that happened: here, The Beast, Tendai Mtawarira, lifts a 250lb team-mate (Anton Bresler) to make a kick-off catch. Bresler over-extends and is suddenly at risk of a serious injury – pay attention to the screams from the crowd in the background. And somehow the mighty Beast holds him up. (keep watching – the whole thing replays in slower-mo about 1 minute in…) This just took my breath away.

I dunno – I started this blog to reach out, help and support others, and already I have had a bunch of people reach out and support me. I forget, being a wannabe brooding loner, that I have a whole team of mates who will lift me to the sky, but who will also stop me from breaking my neck if I over-reach. And although sometimes we have to be almost super-human to support our mates, surprisingly, we’re usually plenty strong enough.

Of course, we don’t tend to have thousands of people screaming “BEEEEAST!” at us while it happens.