I finally plucked up the courage tonight to read the text from the survivor in the Stanford University rape case. (https://www.buzzfeed.com/katiejmbaker/heres-the-powerful-letter-the-stanford-victim-read-to-her-ra?utm_term=.lbjBP4B6w#.jb396P9EM)


So much has been said about this. I’m just kinda hollowed out by it. I have nothing to add. Other than that this matters. This woman has stood up and changed the world, even just by a nudge. This is the first time I can recall any statement with the immediacy, the relevance, of this one working itself into our consciousness. I’m shattered by it.


But all of this also must relate to the current Amber Heard/Johnny Depp divorce. We weep for the Stanford victim. Amber Heard is a golddigger.


Fuck you.


Men write their anger on women’s bodies. On children’s bodies. On black bodies. On Shia bodies. The weapons are different:




The victims are the same. The crime is the same. I fucking weep. I weep for all of us who have been assaulted from the inside out by arseholes who NEVER ADMIT WRONGDOING. Who never can see that they are the weakest, the shittiest skidmarks, the filthy, crawling slag left behind by the divine potential of humanity.


How can we weep for one victim, and not the others? How is Stanford Victim top of the pop charts and Amber Heard some kind of Courtney Love?


No. Enough. I believe you. Belief is everything. Faith is everything. Witness is everything.


I believe you.