Necessary Levity. Again.

I shall leaven this site with (ir)relevant links and video. This is because I believe that sometimes one just needs to revel in a monkey riding a pig in order to survive the years and years of little-boy-diddlyfiddling that are compressed, condensed, and delivered in their purest form on these pages. Think of the interludes as you would the Porter scene from MacBeth. Necessary levity. And please – think of me as Shakespeare. I’m totally just as good. I mean – did Shakespeare ever give you a hyperlink to photos like THIS?!? THIS, my friends, is Me With No Shirt On. *disclaimer – it is not actually ‘Me’, ie Jonno. I do not know the Me of this site. Thankfully.

And sure, the tight jeans and the frisbee delight tip the scales firmly on the side of hipster irony, but that pedo moustache is a JOY to behold. Because what is the Hipster Pedo ‘Stache but a glorious reclamation of what is disturbing and creepy by those who are, well, hipsters. Who themselves kinda run the gamut from disturbing to sort of pitiably cuddly.

Anyway – visit and revel in the hipster pedo ‘stachioed shirtless brilliance of it all. Definitely watch the video up top. Sound on.

Soon I will post my collection of photos of white pedo vans. Hold onto your hats – this Ship of Awesome is going into warp drive.

Oh – and thanks to Jane Shearer for sending this. It has taken my mind off the nut-tighteningly fierce pain my face is still in, which is especially nasty since I ran out of Oxycodone today. Soon I shall be writing sober, and where will that leave us?